Our Life on the Road

Welcome to Our Life on the Road

In the Spring of 2006, we sold our house, our truck, and a number of our possessions. We put everything else in storage, bought a 30-foot motor home, and hit the road to travel around the US for a year. One of our goals was to visit all 46 of the National Parks in the Lower 48.

In June of 2007, fourteen months after we started, our trip ended in Rocky Mountain National Park. We had accomplished our goal. This was the experience of a lifetime for us; truly something we will never forget. On the way, we gave birth to Zane, and learned that life is always full of challenges and wonderful surprises. Throughout the trip, we used this site to share photos and updates from the road. We'll leave it up for awhile in the hope it will inspire others to throw caution to the wind and follow their dreams.

Since this site has been primarily for family and friends, most people who visit will know who we are. For the curious or the truly bored, click About Us to learn more about us.

Many people were surprised to hear we were giving up our jobs and our house for a year on the road. Our Plan explains more about why we did this.

Want to know where we traveled? Our Route shows where we were during the trip.

At each of the major locations we visited, we put a short write-up in the Updates section. We had seventeen updates throughout the trip. The final update, called Trip Statistics: By the Numbers, sums everything up and gives an overview of things like fuel costs, grocery bills, the number of campgrounds we stayed in, and other seemingly useless information.

Of course, no website is complete without a Photo Gallery. We took over 18,000 photos, and the Gallery is just a small sampling of what we saw.

Thanks for visiting. If you have comments or questions, please Contact Us.