Update 5: July 21, 2006

Scorecard: (as of this update): 91 days; 8913 miles (Car: 3644, RV: 5269); 8 states; 14 National Parks; 2748 photos.

God Has a Sense of Humor

God has a funny way of letting you know that even when you think you're in control, you're really not.

Leading up to our trip, everything fell almost perfectly into place. We sold our house in three days for our full asking price. We sold the Suburban to our friends Bryan and Carrie, who let me drive it for another two months before they flew down from Denver to pick it up. We picked out a perfect RV well ahead of our launch date and got our financing deferred until the start of the trip. I finished up a huge project at work just before giving notice. Susan was able to get out of her teaching contract with no problems. And finally, we were able to move in with Susan's parents for the time between selling the house and starting the trip. Overall, everything that had to work out, worked out great.

So where does the humor enter in? Susan and I had talked about how we couldn't believe our good luck; everything had fallen into place just as we'd planned. So it was with considerable shock that on the fifth day of a yearlong road trip-the fifth day!-we found out that the one thing that we never wanted to happen during our trip had indeed happened. We found out Susan was pregnant. This was not good news at all, and neither of us took it very well. My initial reaction was that we should immediately cancel our plans, find a job somewhere, and settle down before the next baby comes. But Susan thought it through, did some research, and decided that we could continue the road trip; we would just have to change our plans somewhat.

There have been some small changes, such as hiking and climbing less, particularly as Susan gets further along. But the biggest challenge so far has been finding prenatal care on the road. So far, however, we've managed to get the appointments that Susan needs. Her due date is December 22nd, which is when we were already planning to be in Florida. So instead of a short visit to the Sunshine state, we plan to be there all of December and January. Susan has some places picked out where she can deliver, and her uncle has graciously offered the use of his second home while we're there. After the baby is born and we've had a few weeks to adapt to a newborn again, we'll be back on the road. It's not a perfect situation, but we're getting more excited all the time.

So things seem to be going as planned again. Let's just hope I don't get cocky again and God decides to bless us with twins!

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